Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Hola mis amigos!

It's officially the last day of 2013! We finally made it through this year!
For me, 2013 was definitely one roller coaster of a ride! It definitely had its ups (I mean, I actually met Justin Bieber!) but it definitely had its lows.

I'm not going to dwell on that which has passed as I believe we ought to keep positive! I'm a firm believer in happiness being a choice (thanks to Shay Carl of the Shaytards for enlightening me to this view). If we continue to look at those moments in life which were most definitely negative or impacted us in a negative way, and never try to view the positives in them, it will just bring us down. For example; in January 2013 I was very stressed out with school work and I gave in to it and left high school. I was then, by my mum, made to find some sort of job or January start college course. To cut the story short, I joined what I believed to be a course aimed towards musical theatre (a passion of mine). However, the course turned out nothing like that, I hated it and left after a month. For a long while I hated myself for leaving school and not getting by qualifications and then not even getting a certificate in the college course. I could look at this as a negative time in mylife, however, I did end up with a job for a while, more money than I ever had, and free time in which I found myself discovering my love for blogs and YouTube (zoella, sprinkle of glitter, stilababe09 to name but a few)

I decided to go back to school for my sixth and final year and picked up three of the same four "highers" (qualification) I was going the precious year along with Higher Philosphy.

School is great now! I don't hate it as much and I've only had two days absence! (From third year up until fifth I always had a very bad attendance. One year it was 22%...)
I still sometimes think about how if I had stuck in for another month or two of school I could've passed these exams already and be sitting Advanced highers in them. Alas, I cannot change the past, only the present and the future. The past year has shown me that I cannot allow these things to upset me. Yes, I can be seen as being a "step behind" but I view it as being a step forward. Everyone in my class is now about to go to college or university, and this may or may not be the right place for them. I already know this for myself and I am also more self-aware as to what is right for me and what I enjoy.

While I do not know what I intend to do next year - 7th year at school, a job - I do know that I really want to get right into my blog and my YouTube. I love sitting in front of the camera and talking to my  (so far not many, but wonderful!) subscribers and sharing things I have purchased and my favourite things etc. 
I also very much enjoy writing up my blog and spending time changing its design and layout to make it the kind of blog I, myself, would love to visit/read! I do it out of my love and passion for this area. Not because I think I'm the "next zoella" or anything. Wether I have 2 followers or 2 million followers, as long as somebody is enjoying the content I create I am happy. 

I guess I've went a little off topic!
For 2014 I have a few "new years resolutions". The first of these I've spoken about to you before; and that is uploading a video to my youtube channel once a week as well as writing a blog post once a week. I intend on making this the same day (a Tuesday) but the day for blog posts may change :)

I hope you all ring in 2014 full of joy and are looking forward to it! Let me know what your plans for the year are in the comments below or what positive experiences happened to you in 2013!

See you next year ;)
~Emma x

PS. this weeks video can be found here: http://youtu.be/gVUsuMSyUGU

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