Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cosy Weekends and Dreadful Weekdays!

Hey Guys!
I'm going to apologise now for the lack of enthusiasm this post will contain and how short it will be. I'm currently feeling a little poopy. I sat down to write this post and the migraine train stopped off at station: ME.
I did plan a nice little update on my cosy weekend, consisting of me, laying in bed with Netflix - The only exception to this was Saturday night which consisted of me, laying on my friends couch with DVDs.. and far too much food for me to even think about (aka I feel like throwing up) haha.
We had an awesome night! I got her to watch Supernatural (Jensen Ackles eeeeeek!) and she got me nicely into The Vampire Diaries.
We watched two episodes and I am now sitting typing this post with only one other tab open; you guessed it, Netflix! and it is sitting waiting for me to press play on episode 6 :)
School has started back this week which, so far, has involved me skipping a class (Don't do this guys, education c'est trés imporante), heckling a senior member of staff in the corridor about me dropping a class (as in the one I skipped), being told "no", continuing to skip it and then going to my other classes and realising I reaaalllly need to revise for them since I have "pre-exams" coming up in like, literally two weeks!!!!

I hope you all are having fun at school or college or wherever you are and are feeling well! I'm off to lie in bed, watching vampire diaries and having an early night. Hopefully this little migraine of mine will disappear in the morning! I struggle to get up for school the best of days without being ill also!
See ya next week!
~Emma x

Ps. Mini Vlog & Haul from moi can be seen here :)

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