Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Leaving The Comfort Zone

Hey guys!

In my spare time, I find myself doing some online shopping -theres nothing better than receiving a parcel in the mail! - or having a Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter video marathon. I literally just sit and rewatch the videos that made me laugh, smile and taught me something useful (how else do you think I know how to get a messy bun?).
Because of these marathons, I have found myself falling further and further in love with ombré hair, especially, as a fellow brunette, Zoe's!

My hairdresser, Stacey, was due to come and cut my gran, my mum and I's hair on friday and I was going to ask her then how much an ombré would cost, but being the impatient little thing I am, I messaged her and asked for a rough price on wednesday. Expecting her to say about £60, I think you can imagine how much I literally jumped with excitment when she said it was almost over half the price!! Without even thinking, (or consulting my mum - I'm 16. I'll make my own choices. And I'm paying) I asked when she had appointments available and to my surprise and ecstaticness, she said she could do it on friday as she'd have time!

Obviously, I agreed to have it done then.
This, for me, is a rather big, "scary" thing to do. I'm not one of these girls at school with loads of friends, with the "perfectly" (term used loosly) done make up - if any - or the hair that took an hour to perfect. I just wake up shove some clothes on, and hope I don't scare people away. So doing something a little out there isn't expected of me at school. Which is why I didn't tell anybody I was having it done.

Friday came, I was first to have my hair done and long story short: I LOVE IT!
I am literally obsessed with my hair now. I do want to have it done brighter in the next couple weeks/months but for now it is PERFECT. I couldn't be happier with it if I tried. It is so me and I feel a lot, happier, with it. It sounds stupid but it was something I really wanted and it's nice to really like something about yourself rather than looking at what you don't like.

I'm so happy I took the step to have something different done and after seeing the effects of this I have moved on to redecorating my room - although this has proved to be stressful! (I know I want my walls done a teal/turquoise but finding the right shade is KILLING me!) - in the hopes it will provide more relaxation and calmness to my life.

I hope you're all having a great week so far and that if theres anything you'd like to try but are scared to (be it a new hair colour, new food or skydiving), you give it a go. Better to regret trying something that didn't go how you though than wondering "what if".


See you soon

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We Are On The Tube of You

Hey guys, please go check out the first and new video on our youtube channel that me and my Buddy, Carley done :)

- Emma xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Just Keep Swimming..

Hey Guys...
It's a sad post today.

Yesterday at 4:22pm GMT the world lost an angel. Talia.

Talia was 13 and was suffering 2 types of cancer. She had been in the hospital for almost 6 months straight.
I didn't know Talia personally. I was one of her almost 900,000 subscribers on youtube and one of almost 500,000 "likers" on facebook.

This post is rather hard for me to write as Talia meant a lot to me. She was one of my biggest inspirations and taught me that you can be happy no matter what you're going through.

She is also the main reason that this blog exists. (For me).

Talia was an amazing makeup artist and also a covergirl. She sparked my love for fashion and beauty and without her, I probably would never have gotten into it enough to find people like Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter who inspired me to blog.

I'm finding it difficult to actually believe she is gone. She was far too young and had so much coming up for her in life that she will never get to experience. Life isnt fair and she, of all people, did not deserve to go through this. My thoughts are with her family and friends right now.. If I'm finding this difficult I cannot imagine how it is for them.

Talia should not have passed away at 13. Nobody should pass away at 13. Nobody should have to go through what she, and so many others, went through.
As cheesy as this probably sounds, I want to.. live my life for her. If that makes any sense. Whatever I go on to do in life, I want it to be for Talia. I want her to be remembered. She was such a great girl with a spunky, outgoing amazing personality and I don't want people to forget that and see her as "another kid who had cancer" because she is so much more than that.

The most important thing right now is that she is happy, comfortable and pain free now. And that's all we've been hoping and praying for the past few months. Now my hopes are with her family, to stay strong.

Just keep swimming, Talia. You are forever in my heart.

Cancer SUCKS

-Emma xx

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bodyshop Skincare Product Review

Hey, guys!
I haven't posted any solely beauty things for a while and I recently bought some new facial/skincare products from The Bodyshop and decided I'd do a little "review" on them today.