Wednesday, 22 October 2014


So, it once again has been a while since I posted on here!

Well, what's happened the past 3 months?

I started at college which is amazing! I love it!
My driving is going great!
I got a job which I really like!
I'm still watching Numb3rs! (On season 6!)
I turned 18!

Yeah, that's about it.

I've been really debating with myself about wether or not to start doing youtube again. A part of me wants to, but the other part knows I just don't have the time. I did contemplate maybe just doing some daily vlogs (just not every single day) but since I got a Macbook I don't have any editing software and I don't want to spend £10 on iMovie if I only end up using it for a month or so especially right now since I haven't been paid yet at all since starting work.. We'll see what happens though; I may give it another shot!

I think I'll be doing a blog post on my birthday trip to London last week so keep an eye out for that!
In an attempt to blog more, I'm going to make this like a bit of a journal. So I'll write down what happened in college and work and just life in general, that sort of thing.. In fact it'll be like this probably. A post so you know I'm here but not really about anything at all hahah.

So, yeah, mmhhmm, yup, Okay..
I'm gonna go now. Bye! :)

                          -Emma x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Broom Broom!


So a week ago today on July 21st 2014...


This was my first time and I only got 3 minors! Still over the moon about it, already bought my car, named her Elphie..I get her tomorrow and I'm already insured!

I am however a little bit wary about the company I went with as I hadn't heard of them prior to seeing them on a comparison site and I googled them after purchasing my insurance and there seems to be an awful lot of negative things and warnings, however I haven't read the posts so hopefully it's just over reactions!

I am now currently lying in my bed about to continue watching Numb3rs on netflix (my new obsession) and I'm waiting for the Sims 2 Deluxe Edition to download on my old windows laptop.. I have a feeling I'll be here a while as it has been downloading for about half an hour and hasn't even made it to 5%..

Oh well!
Speak to ya soon!

                                        - Emma x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Beginnings

Hello, Lovelies!


Ok, I'm sorry!! It's been 5 months since I last posted! I know, I know, please don't kill me!
In my defense, it has been a very hectic five months with so many different, scary yet exciting things happening! For a start, I finished up my sixth year at high school and was studying for my (hopefully) final ever academic exams! I then had prom and prizegiving and that was High School over with forever!

I also have some rather exciting news! If you read my last posts waaaaaaaay back in February, you will know I was having a mental breakdown over my future and what I want to do with my life.
Well, in April, the MGA Academy of Performing Arts held a 'Taster Week' which was essentially a week long workshop in which attendees followed the full-time 3 year HND course in either dance or musical theatre. I bit the bullet and decided to go along for the musical theatre week just to get an idea of what it was like.. and LOVED IT. I had the most enjoyable and insightful week I could have ever imagined for and by the end of the five days I had applied to the full time academy and received an audition!

I had my audition on Sunday, May 4th and on the Thursday I received an offer of a place on the Pre-Vocational Musical theatre course! This course is a foundation course and only lasts for a year, and although I attended a recall audition last week to see if I could go into the three year course, I believe I will stay in the Pre-Voc as it is, in my opinion, the better option for me due to my lack of dance skills and experience. I also believe I was - by my own fault - very under prepared for the audition so it didn't go as well as I would have liked so I highly doubt I showed them I was good enough for the HND course.

(I had about a weeks notice to prepare a monologue and a song in between prize-giving and working etc. I learnt a new monologue but I chose to do the same song as I felt comfortable with it, had the sheet music and I didn't want to quickly learn a song and forget it or screw it up in the audition.. What I didn't factor in was that I wouldn't be able to explain all this to the panel who (at least seemed) were more than pissed off at me singing the same song they'd heard me sing since the taster week in April four months ago.. whoops)

However, none of that matters as come September I will be doing what I love in a place I love with great people! And six months today, I will be near enough out of Europe for the first time to go to New York with MGA to go to Broadway, see a show and take class in the musical theatre capital of the world! I could not be more excited!!

I also got myself a job in a local fish and chip shop which I really enjoy actually, however my boss does have a fair few complaints about my speed and my terrible memory for remembering orders and I haven't had a shift in a while so I don't know if I'll have this job much longer....

Finally, I tell you what I was planning on telling you at the start of this post! Tonight I am getting a Macbook!! It's nothing new, it's 4 years old so who knows how good it'll be, but I'm hoping that it will be good enough for me to get back to youtube, making videos again and getting back to blogging! I had to stop not only for my school commitments etc but due to the fact my laptop was just dying and now it barely turns on! I'm currently using my mums laptop but haven't been able to upload photo's and videos to it to be able to post good quality blog posts or to make youtube videos - especially since she only has windows movie maker which is horrendous! ROLL ON iMOVIE. hahha

Sorry for the ramble,
speak to ya soon!

                                                             ~Emma x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Adventures of a Bad Blogger

What's that I hear you asking? What have I been up to since I last put up a blog post? Well...

In the whole year I haven't posted anything I've done not an awful lot but enough to share.

Firstly, I experienced my first job at The Open Championship golf tournament. That was one of the best weeks of my life. I got to meet one of my sporting heroes, Rickie Fowler. The week gave me great experience with customers and how to manage with the working life.

Then at the end of July/August I went on a family holiday to Italy. We arrived in Rome and then drove 2 hours down to where my family originates from and explored the surrounding areas which I must say were beautiful. The village my family come from is up a small, lets say mountain and the surrounding areas are in valleys. My mum didn't enjoy the views from up above as the rest of us. We ended the trip in Rome which as always was as beautiful as ever.
Trevi Fountain

After Italy I then entered my final year of formal schooling. Safe to say it was a scary year filled with many regrets but the memories and friends created outweigh that. Senior year was a very scary thought process and even scarier when you actually arrive at that point. Most of the year was filled with "banter" and that is what everyone seemed to say they would miss. 

With not having the best of grades I then had to decide what I was going to go forward and do with my life. I am currently working in a nursery and studying for a qualification in childcare, hopefully this will open a variety of exciting opportunities in the future.

Prom is also on the list of exciting adventures. A year to plan one whole night. The planning was stressful as no one really turned up to meetings or paid their money but in the end we had a fantastic final night as a year group. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Smashbox for doing my make-up!

And that really sums up my year break from blogging! I recently ordered a Birchbox to I am planning a post on that and hopefully a few tutorials but baby steps and the minute!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Future/Life Planning!


So.. I officially have past the 10 week countdown until school is OVER FOREVER!! (excluding exams)
And I have realised.. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I NEED to decide what I am doing with my life!! Last week, as those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel will know, I was in London and saw Wicked for the first time! It was absolutely breathtaking and I utterly adored it. It did make me cry.. and not when you'd expect.

I was enjoying the show, as you do, then: BAM. I was in floods of tears? In that moment, my heart leapt up and was doing everything in its power to tell me that all I ever want in life is to perform.. preferably on a West End stage but just performing in general.
I've known I've wanted this for years, but lately I've been telling myself that I don't desperately want it, nor will it ever happen; but after this teeny tiny breakdown at one of the happiest parts of the show, I can't deny it anymore.


I'm shit scared.
I have a pathetic amount of experience for a start. I have only done theatre for about two or three years, and because of a medical condition when I was younger, I was unable to take dance, and to this day I still, technically, shouldn't do ballet and some other styles. I don't think I can sing.. at least not to an amazing standard which could compensate for my lack of dance skills and acting.. well I honestly don't know anything about my acting skills.
Whilst, originally, I wanted to go to Arts Educational, I for no way can afford £13,000 a year! FOR THREE YEARS! and moving to London! So I've set my sights to somewhere closer to home. The MGA Academy in Edinburgh. It still costs but it's so much more affordable and I already know it from using their studios with my previous theatre group.
In all honesty, I'm mostly concerned about the audition process; which for MGA, I actually don't know what this is, but I hate the idea of auditions where you have to choreograph your own dance and perform it with all the other auditionees watching. I'd much prefer a dance workshop where they teach you a dance and you perform in groups of 4 or so.. In my opinion that's a better way to do it, as you can judge how fast people pick up a dance, how they work with you and your teaching and not everybody is a dancer, so in a way it's perhaps fairer for them.. I don't particularly have experience with doing singing and acting/monologue auditions but I think (hope) I can cope with those... so I suppose I'm mostly worried about dancing..

This post has basically turned into more of a diary/rant but it's made me feel better and who knows, maybe it will help somebody else? I don't even know haha anyway!

See ya later!
~Emma x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Little Life Update

Hey guys!

I've been extremely busy the past week with Preliminary Examinations at school which has meant I haven't had much time at all to film a video to upload tomorrow!

I did have a "How To Celebrate Valentines Day Alone" video planned but unfortunately, as aforementioned, I didn't have time to film. 

I considered filming it tonight and spending tomorrow editing and uploading but there were a few issues encountered when I tried to do this and also, tomorrow will be spent packing!

I'm going to London, just for the night with my friend Aaron on Wednesday-Thursday! I'll hopefully vlog whilst I'm there so you can look forward to that! We haven't actually got anything planned except going to the Leicester Square ticket hut and seeing a random show since we are both passionate about musical theatre and can't pick a show haha!

Hope you're all well!

~Emma xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Blogging Failure!

Let's be honest, people..

I think I'm going to bail on my "one post a week" aim due to the fact that I am struggling to find the time to think of a good post along with writing it up, adding photos as well as filming/editing a video each week without including school and homework.

I have my Prelim exams starting this week so I'm currently super busy studying and I just feel that in order to make this blog worthwhile, I should just post when I have an idea or feel like updating you, rather than making a crappy, boring post every week?
Quality over quantity, as they say!

I don't intend to take months at a time between posts but maybe every couple of weeks rather than every week..
I still hope to upload to YouTube every Tuesday though.

See ya at some point!

~ Emma xx