Saturday, 30 November 2013

Current Favourites.

Before we start this blog post can we take a moment to realise something?

It's like, 24 sleeps until Christmas!!

How/When did this happen? I am struggling to believe it.. On the plus side we do get to watch Elf without being glared at!

Anyway! Some Current Favourites.

I only have a few things to discuss as most of the stuff I am loving I have loved for months (such as the Rimmel Apocalips!!) So, what's first?

Toni&Guy Texturising Sea Salt Spray

This, honestly, has to be my favourite hair product! I prefer wavy/curly hair to poker straight and, as my hair is ombréd, I suit the wavy/curly look better but don't always have the time to plait my hair at night or curl my hair in the morning (nor do I like using heat on my already damaged hair a lot!) o this is PERFECT! It gives such an amazing tousled wave to your hair - which is what it says on the bottle - and it also smells amazing! It gives one of those styles that looks effortless yet not rushed, even when it only takes thirty seconds to do!

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick
(Shade 200/Latino)

 I have heard soooooooo many beauty bloggers/youtubers rave about this product! So, when I was at boots for one of their christmas point events, I HAD to purchase one of these! My local boots seemed to only have four shades - slightly disappointing as none were particularly colours I normally go for - so I literally just picked the one my mum liked the best! I must admit I LOVE the colour this gives and it is nice and moisturising! It's not as moisturising as the Maybelline Baby Lips but in its defence this is a lipSTICK not a lip BALM (which also makes this easier to apply neatly due to it being a bullet!) It is definitely a product I intend to purchase again and in other colours as it is an awesome product!

Collection 5in1 Mascara

I've never really been a fan of the Collection make-up, most likely because I never ever tried it, so  when I was at the "Pout" event in Edinburgh a few months ago (which, by the way, was such a good day! Photobooths are so much fun!) and got handed a free goodie bag of collection products from the semichem stand, I wasn't overly ecstatic. However, whilst a few of the products were definite "i am never going near this again" types of things (superglue-like lipgloss? I'll pass) This mascara was such a hidden gem!! It is amazing! Never clumps and looks wonderful! My lashes look PERFECT with this on (sorry for no picture of it in use) I definitely recommend this. And to make it even better, it costs less than a fiver! BARGAIN!
Maybelline 'Cats Eyes' Mascara

I'm not gonna lie. I literally only bought this for two reasons: 1. I like cats, 2. I was going to a Halloween disco (obviously about 2 months ago) as a cat and I figured it might help me look more cat like.
Okay, I suppose the fact that Boots had a points event on also contributed! However, it is a really great product (obviously, why else would it be in my favourites!?) I love the wand for this! It's curved which makes for a much easier application and it's just a very, very good mascara!

Very small collection of goodies for you to try out if you wish. I would have more but unfortunately, that wonderful place called school has given me a magnificent amount of joyous homework to do!
Please let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products and what you  thought, or if you found any amazing products yourself!

To all my American readers, I sincerely hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and grabbed some awesome bargains on Black Friday! I'll see you all in December! :)

~Emma x


Monday, 4 November 2013

Busy Bee's and Bloglovin!

Hey Guys!

So so so so so so so sorry for the complete and utter neglect of the blog for the past few months! :(
We've both been busy bees with school and just generally not had any ideas for posts!


I just got a new camera (or should I say my own camera - was using mi madré's) so I can FINALLY take photos for the blog and also videos for our youtube channel! (Link is on our "social networks" page! so go check it out and subscribe!) This means, if all goes to plan, there should be hauls/monthly favourites plus vlogs and the like coming up regularly!

I have an "October Favourites" post currently in the making so to make sure you dont miss that when it comes follow us on Bloglovin: <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

I hope you all stick around for all the exciting new things to come and love them as much as I do :)

See Ya!
~ Emma