Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Leaving The Comfort Zone

Hey guys!

In my spare time, I find myself doing some online shopping -theres nothing better than receiving a parcel in the mail! - or having a Zoella and SprinkleOfGlitter video marathon. I literally just sit and rewatch the videos that made me laugh, smile and taught me something useful (how else do you think I know how to get a messy bun?).
Because of these marathons, I have found myself falling further and further in love with ombré hair, especially, as a fellow brunette, Zoe's!

My hairdresser, Stacey, was due to come and cut my gran, my mum and I's hair on friday and I was going to ask her then how much an ombré would cost, but being the impatient little thing I am, I messaged her and asked for a rough price on wednesday. Expecting her to say about £60, I think you can imagine how much I literally jumped with excitment when she said it was almost over half the price!! Without even thinking, (or consulting my mum - I'm 16. I'll make my own choices. And I'm paying) I asked when she had appointments available and to my surprise and ecstaticness, she said she could do it on friday as she'd have time!

Obviously, I agreed to have it done then.
This, for me, is a rather big, "scary" thing to do. I'm not one of these girls at school with loads of friends, with the "perfectly" (term used loosly) done make up - if any - or the hair that took an hour to perfect. I just wake up shove some clothes on, and hope I don't scare people away. So doing something a little out there isn't expected of me at school. Which is why I didn't tell anybody I was having it done.

Friday came, I was first to have my hair done and long story short: I LOVE IT!
I am literally obsessed with my hair now. I do want to have it done brighter in the next couple weeks/months but for now it is PERFECT. I couldn't be happier with it if I tried. It is so me and I feel a lot, happier, with it. It sounds stupid but it was something I really wanted and it's nice to really like something about yourself rather than looking at what you don't like.

I'm so happy I took the step to have something different done and after seeing the effects of this I have moved on to redecorating my room - although this has proved to be stressful! (I know I want my walls done a teal/turquoise but finding the right shade is KILLING me!) - in the hopes it will provide more relaxation and calmness to my life.

I hope you're all having a great week so far and that if theres anything you'd like to try but are scared to (be it a new hair colour, new food or skydiving), you give it a go. Better to regret trying something that didn't go how you though than wondering "what if".


See you soon


  1. I really want to get my hair ombred but I'm so scareeeddd meeeeh.... yours looks lovely btw:)x

    1. definitely go for it! I think it's a style that suits everybody. you can alway dye it back to as close to your natural colour if you don't like it :) Thank you :) -Emma xx