Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Bargains!

Hey Everyone!

As you all know (well I'm guessing you all do), it's the day after Christmas which - apart from meaning it's only 364 days until next Christmas - THE BOXING DAY SALES HAVE STARTED! woohoo!

Normally, my mum, gran and I get up about nine or ten to get along to the shops but this year, we got up at 6am to head out shopping and to get to boots in time for it opening at 7! Whilst we were all knackered, this was honestly the best idea! The car park was so busy but that was for the masses of people queuing outside NEXT for the 6am open so Boots was relatively quiet.

I wouldn't say I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff, but in comparison to my normal purchase amount and my bank statements, I definitely got a lot:

See? no? ok.
Boots wasn't as amazing as I'd hoped, but I believe that is down to my lack of enthusiasm for any of the gift sets this year. I did however get a pair of amazingly soft and comfortable PJ's (Jimmi Jams) which I am wearing now and utterly adore! Along with a Simple minis set and some Toni&Guy hair products

We then stopped off at New Look where my bag obsession was no longer dormant! I have been looking for a backpack for a while now and kept going to one in New Look which was £20; admittedly, this is not expensive, but I'm used to a £10 bag from Primark so when I walked in to New Look and found said £20 backpack for £10 I HAD to buy it! It is such a perfect size for me and the straps go to exactly the length I like. It is extremely good quality and I feel it will last for a long while!
I also got another bag for £10 which I feel is great for a shopping trip uptown or if you're aiming for a 'smart casual' look. It's black (fake) leather with a sort of wicker-ish patterned material in the middle. There is so much room on the inside for everything I need and the neutral colours mean it will go with everything!
I also bought a pair of fluffy socks because they are irresistible and sooooooooo soft & cosy!
I received a £20 giftcard for Next but their sale this year wasn't impressive to me. I did find an adorable little cushion that goes perfectly with my room, which is Parisian themed (lamp and duvet) so for £6 I figured it was a bargain!

Also, I purchased a cute little necklace in Claires and a pair of fake pearl earrings. The necklace was just a silver chain with a teeny tiny Eiffel Tower and I thought, for £1, it was a must!

Finally, I was in the Card Factory (mi madre wanted a new years card) and all their Christmas stock was half price. This little festive box caught my eye and I impulse bought it because it was so bloody cute! (I have used 'cute' and 'adorable' faaaaaarrrrr too much in this post. SORRY!)

I wanted to share this with you as I had so much fun shopping today and I in no way wish to brag about this. I didn't receive any extravagant gifts this year and mostly received money and giftcards which is why I bought most of these items :)
I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of happiness and laughter with your family, friends and loved ones.
See ya!
~ Emma xx
P.S: New Video going up soon! Haul of all the above products     

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