Monday, 10 February 2014

Little Life Update

Hey guys!

I've been extremely busy the past week with Preliminary Examinations at school which has meant I haven't had much time at all to film a video to upload tomorrow!

I did have a "How To Celebrate Valentines Day Alone" video planned but unfortunately, as aforementioned, I didn't have time to film. 

I considered filming it tonight and spending tomorrow editing and uploading but there were a few issues encountered when I tried to do this and also, tomorrow will be spent packing!

I'm going to London, just for the night with my friend Aaron on Wednesday-Thursday! I'll hopefully vlog whilst I'm there so you can look forward to that! We haven't actually got anything planned except going to the Leicester Square ticket hut and seeing a random show since we are both passionate about musical theatre and can't pick a show haha!

Hope you're all well!

~Emma xx

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