Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Future/Life Planning!


So.. I officially have past the 10 week countdown until school is OVER FOREVER!! (excluding exams)
And I have realised.. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I NEED to decide what I am doing with my life!! Last week, as those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel will know, I was in London and saw Wicked for the first time! It was absolutely breathtaking and I utterly adored it. It did make me cry.. and not when you'd expect.

I was enjoying the show, as you do, then: BAM. I was in floods of tears? In that moment, my heart leapt up and was doing everything in its power to tell me that all I ever want in life is to perform.. preferably on a West End stage but just performing in general.
I've known I've wanted this for years, but lately I've been telling myself that I don't desperately want it, nor will it ever happen; but after this teeny tiny breakdown at one of the happiest parts of the show, I can't deny it anymore.


I'm shit scared.
I have a pathetic amount of experience for a start. I have only done theatre for about two or three years, and because of a medical condition when I was younger, I was unable to take dance, and to this day I still, technically, shouldn't do ballet and some other styles. I don't think I can sing.. at least not to an amazing standard which could compensate for my lack of dance skills and acting.. well I honestly don't know anything about my acting skills.
Whilst, originally, I wanted to go to Arts Educational, I for no way can afford £13,000 a year! FOR THREE YEARS! and moving to London! So I've set my sights to somewhere closer to home. The MGA Academy in Edinburgh. It still costs but it's so much more affordable and I already know it from using their studios with my previous theatre group.
In all honesty, I'm mostly concerned about the audition process; which for MGA, I actually don't know what this is, but I hate the idea of auditions where you have to choreograph your own dance and perform it with all the other auditionees watching. I'd much prefer a dance workshop where they teach you a dance and you perform in groups of 4 or so.. In my opinion that's a better way to do it, as you can judge how fast people pick up a dance, how they work with you and your teaching and not everybody is a dancer, so in a way it's perhaps fairer for them.. I don't particularly have experience with doing singing and acting/monologue auditions but I think (hope) I can cope with those... so I suppose I'm mostly worried about dancing..

This post has basically turned into more of a diary/rant but it's made me feel better and who knows, maybe it will help somebody else? I don't even know haha anyway!

See ya later!
~Emma x


  1. Such a pretty blog, i love it !