Sunday, 23 June 2013

School, Induction, Life.


Hey guys! So, I'm finally writing my second blog post!

Sorry it's been a while. I wanted to make a haul video to upload to our youtube channel (link can be found here) but, unfortunately, this hasn't been possible as I don't own a camera, my mum's camera has no memory and the 2 SLR's we own don't have video function. I am hoping to purchase a camera in the next few months so you might end up with a haul of all the clothes I bought within the last 6 months!

So. Life.
What's happened?
Like Katy, I went back to school on the 10th of June to start my FINAL EVER YEAR. For those of you who don't know (and none of you will) I left school in January for various reasons and had no intention of going back until about 5/6 weeks ago. So far it's been great, although really we've just all sat in the common room, dancing about and then doing speeches to pick the "leaders" of the pack!.

The first week back we went on our "S6 Induction" which, like Katy said, was for two days. Basically the first day we done things like make a collage of our baby photos, make a "house jingle" and create a banner. We then had a quiz at night which involved a dance off between one of the (female) deputy head teachers and a (male) student - they grinded - it was hilarious. Katy nearly died. And also another student got up, done some bhangra dancing to Indian sounding music which was actually British. We then drank about 6 cups of hot chocolate, went to our dorms and my group stayed up the whole night and went for a 6am walk (Our dorm teacher was not pleased).
Katy and I
6am Walk
The second day we done the outdoor activities which literally was just climbing. First we had to climb a pole which was stuck into the ground and wobbled like mad. I got about 5ft off the ground and begged to get down. I felt disappointed in myself for not getting to the top so when we got to the next activity (which happened to be this massive tree you had to climb then walk over a pole and jump off) I was adamant I was going to do it. And I did.
(Basically I had written more stuff here about an apachi relay race and house points but my internet crashed and the post only saved up to here and I can't be bothered to rewrite it so basically my house won the house cup thing this year - YAY GO GOSFORD)

Rebecca is unimpressed.
Unlike what Katy said, the food WAS as bad as we are all making it out to be..

I was worried about Lois who was about
to eat a sausage
All in all, induction was good and I feel like I got to know some people better than I already did. I also feel a bit more comfortable talking to people in my year who I probably would have avoided talking to before, so I guess you could say for me the 2 days were a success.

On the Thursday, as Katy also mentioned, we had our "hustings" for our senior team (head boy/girl etc). I went in for it and must say I was surprised I actually got up and spoke in front of everyone. I didn't get through to the second round but I feel I gained confidence for going in for it. I had my name down to go in for house captain but I pulled out as I didn't feel like going up for it but I am very proud of Katy for going in for it and I'm actually surprised she didn't get at least an interview for it. I had an idea of who I would have had as my house captains and those I wouldn't and well... I wasn't 100% thrilled... Anyway. I'm going to finish this off here as I feel I have gone on for long enough. Please feel free to leave comments or drop us a tweet (twitter links are on the social networks page) and ask us any questions you have about us or anything beauty :)

                                                                          - Emma                     

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