Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Life, school mostly, update.

Hello lovelies,
I feel like it's been ages since I last blogged! Two weeks is kind of a long time! I don't have anything beauty related really today, just a few updates on what I've been doing!

Last Monday I went into my last year of high school, scary! On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to an outdoor education centre to bond and bring the year closer together. I didn't have high expectations for it as I'm not a fan of outdoorsy things. On Tuesday we done group tasks in our houses(if you don't know what a house is, it's kind of like what they have in Harry Potter) and after literally no sleep all night, Emma, we done outdoor activities on the Wednesday. During this trip I learned if you force me into climbing a tree I will climb a tiny bit and then cry because I'm scared of heights and can't climb, lesson learned for everyone. I was happy with myself when I took on the third activity and claimed halfway up the tree between the floor and the catwalk, although I didn't go all the way and walk over the catwalk I was still pretty pleased with myself, thanks for the support everyone in my group and to Neil for joining in my singing! Overall, I had more fun than I thought I would and the food wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. Although I didn't really bond with anyone new in particular I feel like our year group has really come together!

On Thursday we picked our senior teams, I didn't put myself forward on the basis that I knew I wouldn't get picked for head girl but I'm so proud of Emma for putting herself forward. In the end I feel the right team was picked no matter what anyone says and I wish them luck! From hearing everyone's speeches mpduring the hustings for the senior team I felt like I could do something like that so I put my name forward for house captain, nothing has been arranged yet but I'm trying to conjure up a decent speech.

I've got a make up tutorial that I really want to do so hopefully I can have that done by next week, hint it's a character from a musical!

I also feel like I haven't really introduced myself to you lot properly, so here's the basics you should know! My name is Katy, I'm Scottish, 16, I basically live on YouTube, Rome and Disney are my favourite places in the whole wide world, history is my favourite school subject, I love football and All Time Low and The Maine are my favourite bands!

If you have anything you want us to blog about let us know!

- Katy xx

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