Tuesday, 10 September 2013

School life!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the long absence! School has been back for about three or four weeks now and as it is my sixth and final year at school it has been quite hard going so far! I'm doing four highers this year, three of which I done last year. For those of you who are interested I'm doing English, History, Philosophy and Modern Studies.


Or stressful.

Nah they're not that bad. But we all know I'd much rather be eating, sleeping, shopping and - my new obsession - watching supernatural (I'll save you all from my fangirling by not discussing how much I absolutely LOVE  Jensen Ackles!!) Currently, I've already had a report to write, 3 essays and a TONNE of note taking. So I apologise profusely for not blogging so much; I will do my best to get into a routine and keeping you all updated on life and reviewing my new favourite (and not so favourite) products. I was attempting a back to school blog - before school went back - but it sort of got lost with all my getting ready and supernatural watching; maybe next year you'll get one!

I've also recently been unwell with a bad case of the cold. This has caused me to have swollen glands behind my ear and also on the back of my neck/head; the latter is currently causing me quite a bit of pain which my GP so kindly informed me will be around for about another three weeks! So that's been fun.

Now, I need to crack on with a history essay that I done last year! (I won't copy it, promise).
So I'll see you all soon and I'll be back with an August Favourites post :)

                                                   - Emma x

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